Remote Control
Error Code
Description of fault Possible Cause
E1  – Remote controller
communication error
Anomalous communication circuit between remote controller and indoor unit, Noise
E2  – Duplicated indoor unit  addressing more than 49 units connected Number of connected indoor units exceeds the limitation, Duplicated indoor unit address, Indoor PCB anomaly
E3  – Outdoor unit signal line error Power is not suppied to outdoor unit, Unmatch of pairing between indoor and outdoor units, Indoor PCB anomaly, Outdoor control PCB anomaly, Missing local wiring
E5  – Communication error
during operation
Unit address No. setting error, Remote control wires broken, Poor connection/ disconnection of remote controller wires, Indoor control PCB anomaly, Noise
E6  – Indoor heat exchanger temp.
sensor anomaly (Thi-R)
Sensor anomaly, Poor connection, Indoor control PCB anomaly
E7  – Indoor return air temp.
sensor anomaly (Thi-A)
Sensor anomaly, Poor connection, Indoor control PCB anomaly
E9  – Drain trouble Blocked drain, Drain pump anomaly, Float switch anomaly, Indoor contyrol PCB anomaly
E10  – Excessive number of indoor units
by controlling one renote controller
Excessive number of indoor units connected (more than 17 units), Remote controller anomaly
E11  – Address setting error
(setting with remote controller)
 When plural indoor units are connected, do not use remote controller address setting method
E12  – Address setting error
by mixed setting method
The atomatic setting and manual setting mixed in the address setting method for indoor units
E16  – Indoor fan motor anomaly FDT&FDTC Fan motor anomaly, Poor connection,
Indoor PCB anomaly
 – Indoor fan motor anomaly FDK&FDFW
E18  – Address setting error of master
and  slave indoor remote controller
Remote controller SW address setting error of master and slave indoor units.
E19  – Indoor unit operation check,
drain motor check mode anomaly
Mistake in SW7-1 setting due to forgetting to turn OFF SW7-1 after indoor operation check finished
E20  – Indoor fan motor rotationtion speed
anomaly (FDT, FDTC, FDK, FDTW)
DC fan motor revolution speed anomaly,
Indoor power (control) PCB anomaly, Foreign material at rotational area of fan motor
E21  – FDT Limit switch is not activated Limit switch on the panel anomaly, Anomalous mounting position of gille, Connector CNV loose

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